Silver Sands Resort

Christ Church
130 bedrooms
Listing Number: 617

Sale Price

USD $15,000,000

Floor Area: 114,466 sq. ft

The property comprises of two parcels of land which together constitute approximately 17 acres.  The two parcels include the main hotel area which is situated on Lot 1 and Lot 2 (open area at the back of the hotel).  The hotel consists of 114,466 square feet of building floor area spread over 130 hotel rooms and suites.  There are two dining areas, one that seats 100 and 120 persons respectively.  The Amenities included two large swimming pools, two Jacuzzis, mini-mart, beauty salon, beach bar and a conference facility.  The parcel of land at the back of the hotel is approximately 3.5 acres and has planning permission for the subdivision of land into lots for commercial purposes.

Silver Sands Resort is in a derelict state at this time, however, was a flourishing hotel as can be seen in the photos.  


The information provided on this property is deemed reliable, however, not guaranteed.

Amenities & Property Features

Beauty Salon
Tennis Court

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